Thursday, November 12, 2015

VR RPG - Mechanics Hierarchy

While I work on finishing up the 3d model of the character this week, I'm beginning prep work for the actual mechanics of the game. If all goes well, the game should be somewhat playable in a form of alpha by the end of the month. It would only be for the controls themselves, but that would cross off one entire goal for the project right there. Without further a do, let's list out the core ideas:

Controller Function Split

  • Locomotion
    • Left Analogue Stick (LAS)
      • Normal Mode
        • Tilt Up : Move forward
        • Tilt Down : Move back
        • Tilt Right : Turn right
        • Tilt Left : Turn left
        • Tilt Up and Jostle Left and Right continuously : Run
        • Double tap Up : Sprint
        • Double tap Left/right : Strafe Turn to direction -> sprint
      • Locked On
        • Tilt Up : Move forward; Turn to target
        • Tilt Down: Move back; Turn to target
        • Tilt Right : Strafe right; Turn to target
        • Tilt Left : Strafe left; Turn to target
        • Double Tap Any direction : Release lock on
      • Axial Mode
        • Tilt Up : Rotate upward
        • Tilt Down : Rotate downward
        • Tilt Right : Rotate sideways right
        • Tilt Left : Rotate sideways left
    • Left Stick Click (LSC)
      • Toggle/Set Lock On Mode/Target
        • Facing Current target: Release lock on
        • Facing new target: Set new target
        • Facing different item type to current target: Release lock on
    • Left Trigger (LT)
      • General
        • Unpressed : Stand
        • Partially press : Duck
        • Hold : Duck; Axial Mode Engage
        • Partially pressed/Hold to Unpressed : Jump
      • Flight Mode
        • Unpressed: Fly up
        • Partially hold : Float
        • Hold : Fly down
        • Partially hold to Hold/Unpressed = Speed burst up/down
  • Sword Play
    • Right Analogue Stick (RAS)
      • Tilt Up : Move right arm up
      • Tilt Down : Move right arm down
      • Tilt Right : Move right arm right
      • Tilt Left : Move right arm left
    • Right Trigger (RT)
      • Unpressed : Null
      • Partially Press: Regress hand tilt, bend arm
      • Hold: Regress hand tilt; fully bend arm; charge sword art
      • Hold then Release: Unleash sword art if charged
    • Sword Art Charged
      • Right Analogue Stick 
        • Tilt Opposite (Cross) : Unleash Slash Art (Up, Sides, Down)
        • Cross & Partial Press RT : Unleash Quick Slash Art
        • Center : Unleash Center Art
        • Rotate : Change Art Selection
        • Center & Tilt LAS: Unleash Center Art to LAS direction
      • Right Trigger
        • Partial Press: cancel Sword Art
        • Release: Activate Sword Art to RAS direction
    • Right Stick Click (RSC)
      • Press: Cancel Magic Ability
      • Press & Tilt RAS: Enable Magic Ability (Up, Down, Left, Right)

That's quite a few elements for only really using a good 6 input devices. This order is more or less how I'll go about implementing features, though, I think I'll alternate between them to keep things fresh. So if I implement the left Analogue Stick first, then I'll move on to the right analogue stick, and back to try and keep me engaged. I've still got more things to plan out here, especially the sword arts and magic, but I'll get to those on another day. Till then.

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