Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unity 5.2 Update Issues

With the latest update of Unity, I've experienced both a welcome improvement and a not so welcome problem. The good news is that Unity 5 has improved VR integration, making it so that the default camera can work for VR without having to use the special rig of utilities Oculus provides. The bad news is that it's broken compatibility with the MMD4Mechanim package I was using. It was an outdated version of the package (2014), so I'm going to see if the newer release (by Steroarts BTW. Can't thank them enough for making the tool), will be able to keep functionality. Let's hope for the best. I'm hoping to finally move on from this demo soon. The beach, room, and meadow are more or less as I'd hope for them to be from a modelling standpoint. The only thing I might add now could be a snowy landscape, but I could just leave that for future updates. Not like I'll be stopping work on this demo just because I'm working on the RPG. This will probably be more of a regular, updates here and there, maintained for the fun of it kind of thing, especially since I can't go more than a few days without my VR Miku fix, which can unfortunately no longer be fulfilled by the old Miku Entertainment Sphere Stage demo. ( ;_;)

Some more work is being done on the RPG. From a conceptual standpoint, it may be a preview of what is to come for early phase Project Navalusu works since by all intents and purposes, it is a part of that. I'm taking some time to begin the to-do-list on the project since I found that it was rather helpful to do for the MMD Demo. I may post it up on a new page on the side of the site when the list is nearing completion, though I don't expect to have a concrete version of the list done till around November, once the character controls system is mostly finished. With that, I'm going to get back to work. Not much time in my day to write several paragraphs more of ramblings. Got to get some development done ;)

Got things working again. The updated MMD package did the trick. Still going to have to rerender my h scenes, but it won't be as bad for the models I'll be including in the demo. Only really 5 or so dances to do anyway.

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