Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bedroom Development and RPG Musings

Being somewhat satisfied with the progress on the beach scene, I'm moving on a bit more to other aspects of the demo. For that animations, I've elected to simply split the demo into two demo. Both will share the same SFW models and animations, and to avoid audio © issues, I'll be inquiring about letting users add their own music into the demo as well as a means by which to try and sync it to the dances over the next few days so I'll have to get back on that. As for the NSFW version, it will contain a few of the more okay to use models available in a set when you enable the mode for adult content and will have their own animations set for cycling. This may actually mean I can get things done faster as the amount of tame animations on my part is considerably lower which means I should be able to render them out and dish them out a lot faster. The only real work here will probably be setting up the music import and syncing, but I think it shouldn't take more than a week to figure that out. There's probably already an asset for that in the Asset store, so as a worst case scenario measure, I could just get it from there, much as I'd prefer to learn how to do it myself to gain more experience. I'll just have to find time for it, perhaps by cutting down on the work I'm putting into the content creation for the different environments. I've started to do the work on a bedroom scene. The room's form is already finished, so it's just a matter of furnishing it. I've got a lamp set up already with really only a script to make it's light turn off and on being needed to give it some function. I'm going to go back into my file archives to see if I can get some of the models from the demo scene I made back in the first VR video preview in 2014. They may not be that bad so hopefully the room will be engaging to be in, if getting nasty or watching a dance isn't to your fancy.

But, with all this development, I've started to get my future works back into my mind and it's resulted in quite a bit of musings towards the RPG. The control system I mentioned in this earlier post has been expanded upon greatly. Being that I've actually been engaging and developing with the control system frequently over this year, I've been finding ways to improve it. Last night in particular, I actually made a great deal of progress in regards to the controls in these planning stages. I'm confident the amount of versatility I can get out of just the analogue sticks and triggers of a game pad baffled even me. I recall inventing weird control schemes before the VR bug caught me, but I didn't think to take advantage of things like the timing of presses, the continuous speed of motion and the effectiveness of mimicking real actions with the digital analogues. Maybe this is just something that comes with experience and the design philosophy I bear of trying to make as many items work cohesively together as possible above the quantity or even quality of features. Anyhow, the main things I've outlined is the dynamics for sword play in the RPG, with a few views into the magic system. There's a lot of complex maneuvers that can be drawn of out it from what I'm seeing and if all goes well, I may even be able to implement something akin to Sword Arts in the release, though the amount of these will depend on time and the complexity of setting up the animations.

Really have to hit the hay soon. It's 4:30 at the time of writing and if I go to bed any later, I may risk oversleeping for work...I'll go into the Sword Play a bit more tomorrow as I'm actually rather hyped about what I can do with the system I've outlined myself and want to get that info out there ASAP.

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