Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And "work" continues....

Well, last night was "fun". The demo's somewhat finished, though I'm a bit concerned about releasing the demo using the specific model I used (TDA FTW) SPEFICALLY cites adult material as one of the uses you shouldn't be using the model for. Considering this only applies to publicly released content, I suppose that means that my personal night of passion shouldn't be an issue, but that does mean everyone can't get in on the fun. As such, I'm having a look around for an MMD models that are a bit more open for use. I have the model that was used for the Stratovarious demos, but I'm concerned as to whether or not Stratovarious themselves has the permission has the files have TDA is the name in that of itself. I'll have to get back on everyone on that.

After the titanic rendering time I had to deal with earlier, I'm trying to reduce the number of animations I load in to around 7-10 rather than the 20-30~ I'm dealing with now to get this done faster. The controls for the character are fine so far, though I want to implement a crouch before I release anything as having a way to adjust your height can be rather useful for some of the poses. I may be able to simplify that by just using the seated pose I didn't implement, but I'm not sure how the animation and the physics collider will work out in that scenario, as even the simple thrust was bothersome. This would be a heck of a lot easier to work out if Unity's mesh collider worked with high poly objects, but alas, 255 polys is the limit which is way too little for a whole armature. I guess I'll have to look into subdividing the character's body sections and working it out that way, though that'll probably take some time. I'll do what I can though punctuality isn't something I can promise at this stage.

Apart from the characters, I've got a nice little scene by the ocean set up along with a boom box whose music turns on and off when it collides with the player. The bedroom scene is a bit rudimentary with just a room, a door, a window and a bed, but I plan on adding a bit more there to get things to be a bit more lively and "set the right mood". Other than that, I've still got to set up the sky castle and grassy hillside scenes before I'll consider the work "done", which should only take up a day or two of my time.

All in all, work should proceed rather smoothly, with a day needed for most of the major tasks left which should mean I'll be ready to release this publicly by this weekend, though it may be pushed to this next weekend depending on how my schedule works out. If anyone knows of any models that I may be able to use for this, please feel free to share them down below in the comments section and I'll have a look at them.

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