Sunday, August 30, 2015

Minimum Viable Product [MMD Eroge - SanKyuu Miku Edition]

It's August 30th at the time of writing, meaning I've less than 24 hours till Miku-Hime's birthday. While this definitely isn't enough time for me to make the full MMD Eroge demo, it may be just enough time to finish the Miku variant, so I have to try to cut down on the larger features to get things down to the minimum viable product for the target date.

The full demo I have in mind would require quite a bit of time simply to convert all of the MMD models and attach all of the animations to each one. There are dozens and it can take a while for even one with all the animations I'll be attaching, so I'll only be focusing on 4 of the Miku models I have (TDA, Nude TDA, Stratovarious, and Append TDA), which should keep things simple and still meet the deadline's needs (especially since one they've gotten put through the Unity MMD tool, the controller and scripts I use on 1 can be used on them all. The script's contents in that of itself is a bigger question as I'm not too sure what functions I can get in within reason, but I'd say at the very least that cycling through the animations using two keys or the Xbox shoulder buttons should do, though I'd like it so they have a flow rather than just going from to the other with no mind to how the transition looks, but I may have to compromise this to meet the deadline. Other than that, controlling the model's orientation using the right analogue stick/arrow keys ought to be a simple way to add a bit more finesse. Now that I think about it, I could also use the right trigger and a key as an easy way to slightly adjust the distance of the models to emulate pushing and pulling the character towards oneself for thrusting or embracing as an easy extra, though it'd be a good idea to have a way to set a "grab" point for this purpose.

Outside of the MMD models, the big work I'll have to take care of is finishing my male model and creating a female model. The male is almost done as you may have seen from the image I posted earlier. The main job left with it is to set up the rigging/weights and create the animations. The female model has yet to even be properly sketched, so I'll have to cut that for the time to better focus on what I can actually get done before 8/31. This leaves creating the thrusting animations and probably a seated pose of some form to allow for more pose versatility as the main tasks at hand. This shouldn't be too hard as they're relatively simple poses to achieve (a few rotations here and there to 90 degrees for being seated and a smaller hip and lower back animation for thrusts), so it'll really be a factor of just staying focused and re-learning blender animation to get that set up.

The easier part of this (or so I thought), would be setting up the scenes. The only two I really want to make sure to have is the beach scene and a room. The room should be simple enough (my first "project" in 3d modeling was a room afterall), but the beach has been providing some problems with Unity's standard textures. I think I may have made my models a bit too big or bizzare and the textures aren't appearing particularly well, but I think I should be able to resolve this later today with a bit of time. Honestly, just downloading some free textures and getting some sound effects will probably take longer than any of the more "work" like tasks. Room should be a quick matter of just getting some old models, sorting them out and leaving things at that.

The final question at hand is how I'll be setting up the sound design as the San Kyuu demo is one part shameless self satisfaction, but also celebration of Miku's birthday. Perhaps I should prepare a bit more of a stage as an additional item. It'd take time to design something nice, but I'll see where that fits in once the core items are done. Since I own a bunch of songs that feature Miku already, placing them into the environment may only really end up being a matter of converting some MP3s to OGGs and creating a volume control system so I'm not too worried about that situation. From a complexity standpoint, trying to sync up a walk cycle would probably be a bit much for me to learn in this time period, but getting a simple "OnCollisionEnter" system involving an imaginary vagina and womb object system for the penis should be simple so I'll try to aim for that first. Getting the timing on this right will be particularly important as the power of good sound in VR CANNOT BE UNDERSTATED! Until my touch solution is fully developed, sound is the next best thing we have to making VR feel more substantial. Doing something as small as adding a CHUU~ sound effect when you're VR lips meet a VR face should be standard by now...

Okay, it's 4 and I'm clearly getting rambly so I'll just hit the sack and ready up for the rest of the day. All goes well and tomorrow should be some real fun. The earliest a demo will be made public for this will probably be Wednesday, though it's the work week so who knows when I'll find the drive to upload it somewhere. We'll see I guess.

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