Thursday, August 27, 2015

Currently Running Operations

My two post mini biography done, I figured it's about time I clear up exactly what it is that is in the works right now.

In terms of game development, I'm working on a variety of different demos that I'm hoping to be able to release before the years end in a compilation or a few which will be released as standalone items. They'll be unified by a singular control scheme I'm working on right now to use as the basis for my VR titles. It's the one I'd mentioned in earlier posts, though I've expanded up on the ideas in it a bit to allow for more versatility without having to use as many inputs. If everything goes well, you should be able to play any of my software without ever having to lift your fingers from the analogue sticks and triggers of a controller.

Of the demos that are being worked on, the one that's the closest to release is an eroge that I'm making using MMD files in Unity. There used to be a lot of demos being released of this nature in the OculusNSFW Reddit that used the similar mold of using MMD files in Unity to create simple scenes. They've well documented the files they used for this purpose, the tools, and the methods and I've tested out that they work well enough in Unity5 for even me to use them, so I intend to take the work they've done and expand upon them to enhance the experience. Borrowing from my work on the Sanctuary Hub, I'll be creating a simple scene that allows you to switch between environments, models, and animations at your pleasure. The player will have the choice of one of 3 models: a generic male, a generic female, and a female futanari based of the generic female model. The male and futa models will have a penis that can interact with objects I'll be place near the mouth, breasts, and groins of the MMD models that generate sounds to increase the sensuality of the experience. I may make it so the lock on control mode I have in the baser control system behaves differently when at certain proximity to the MMD models, to enable more standardized poses rather than requiring the player to perform all the tasks themselves. For a simple thrusting motion, I may actually make it so the Oculus head movement tracking at a certain distance or movement initiates the animation. The environments are being worked on and will likely be composed of many of the models I've already developed for the Hub. This means you may be able to experience a simple castle, a room, dungeon, mountain region and beach at your delight. I'm aiming to have a rudimentary demo of this done in time for Miku-hime's birthday 8/31 as I'd like to be able to spend time with my waifu in style this year ;) If I get it done, there should be a video "postcard" of the day, with a subsequent free release in the coming days.

Outside of the gutter, there are several simple demos that I have in mind to try and improve my game development abilities and explore interesting ideas that the VR experience can improve compared to their standard incarnations. These will likely be the ones I release in a compilation. This consists of a giant robot vs kaiju demo, an RPG where you fight monsters to get somewhere, and a shooter on a derelict space ship with a monster inside. None are particularly original ideas, but I want to keep things as simple as possible, and will be aiming to use game design strategies that make things somewhat replayable.

The Kaiju demo will involve different robots that will require the player to take different actions to succeed, with the conditions of the buildings playing a key role in strategies. As an example, you may spawn with a Jaeger sized robot in tip top condition against the kaiju just as it's making land, making the battle a matter of using your brute force well without letting it reach the city. Alternatively, you could be wielding a 20m gundam sized robot that is mobile, but can't quite deal massive damage or flinching blows, making it more a matter of using a bit more of a hit and run strategy since the best will tower over you. The Kaiji will have tentacles that it can use to quickly attack the player from multiple angles, tackle the player with their body, spit out acid that corrodes their armor, and so on. In many ways, it'll be a bit of a fighting game, with the only real caveat being that the narrative and design makes it so you aren't supposed to be able to actually beat or kill the monster, so much as you just slow it down.

The RPG still hasn't been fully planned out in my mind, but I know for now that the main goal will be to reach a certain location in order to achieve the win-state. This may be the peak of a tower or to exit a dungeon, maybe both, things are that early along with this one. I can only say for sure that the player will be alone without a party and that it will feature real time combat against various monsters using the system I mentioned. I actually may be able to implement an arts system, making this something to look out for if you are a fan of Sword Art Online as I'll totally use the Unity Standard Shader's emmissive function to get that Sword Art look down pact.

The last FPS demo may be the one that really pushes things into next year, but it's also much better planned out than the other two as I've been mulling around it's idea for a few years now. As was mentioned, the game will take place on a derelict ship, but it will have a segment or two outside of the ship that will help "flavor" the experience. I don't want to ruin the surprise so I'll avoid going into detail on what's going to be happening, but I can say that accuracy of aiming isn't going to be a particularly large factor in this game and the hit cone for your shots will actually be rather generous. This is a consideration being made since VR makes even the most simple of gameplay systems we're accustomed to monumentally different to experience.

From a video perspective, things are at a standstill as the main video I've had in mind has only further and further escaped completion. I've scripted it out so many times I'm genuinely sick of looking at it's document and my just create a quick webcam video where I go over what it was supposed to go over in a much rougher fashion since I still want that information to get out there. It'll probably also go over all the stuff from here as well since I'm positive most people who follow the channel aren't checking this blog or my twitter.

That just about does it for my current plans. At this IMMEDIATE moment, I'm working on the character model I pictured earlier since i want to have my first rigged and animated character done in time for Miku's birthday. Let's see how that works out.

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