Thursday, December 4, 2014

Markystal Status Update: IRL Circumstances

Life can be a tumultuous thing. I haven't really talked much about my daily life as I find it dull and uninteresting, thus not worth the time it would take to write it down. However, some of my more recent happenings will be causing a change up in the output I can deliver so I thought it right to let you all know what's going on.

First off, I'm going to college and getting a day job, sort of. I've sent in my application and will soon be getting a day job. I spend the first of half of this year still in high school and the latter half has been spent mostly loitering around at home working on the YouTube channel, researching VR and on Project Navalusu. While the latter form of living has had it's benefits, it's simply not a sustainable lifestyle and I've taken measures to rectify my situation. Mainly, applying to college and getting a day job being methods of achieving two ends at once. I'm majoring in electronics engineering to get a better grasp on control solutions for VR and getting a day job to alleviate my dearth of funds for my activities.

As you might imagine, this will significantly be impacting the time I'll have disposable to me for effectively all the activities I do for the channel. I wish I could live reasonably off of the efforts I do in VR right now, but these past few months have shown me the rate at which said efforts are progressing is simply not significant enough to warrant the amount of time I've been putting into it.

This doesn't meant I'm going stop making the videos of course, simply that my pace may become a bit more biweekly and the formatting different in order to economize time. My upcoming videos likely will not feature video recording and some of the more open videos like the VR news coverage will likely have something like gameplay footage or drawings in the background rather than my little chattering head since I don't really have any times when I'm really alone in the house and since formatting of recording myself can be rather time consuming in that of itself. I don't think this change will be too much of a problem since I myself tend to listen to my videos more than I watch them, but if anyone's going to wonder why I'm not recording myself, the primary problem is the lack of a time where I can record in peace due to the sheer frequency of interruptions I experience due to my household's new arrangement.

It's a tricky thing to deal with at the moment and I feel a bit weird writing about this, but I think it's best that I get done with the circumstances available to me. It's also highly likely I'll be moving out of home soon so that will also complicate my process a bit, but I can't be too sure about how that will impact my recording format. One way or another, there's going a to be a lot of changes to what I do in the next year and I'll be doing everything I can to make sure it still allows me to share my thoughts, progress and learnings in the pursuit of Virtual Reality.

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have. I should also note I may be doing some more journal or log-esque posts on the blog to share more or less my thoughts on things. They'll likely be incomplete thoughts, strewn together as a product of the messy process that is development, but I hope that it will leave something more for all of you to dissect. 

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