Monday, November 3, 2014

VR's Essential Works

It's easy to think that I'm just a big fanboy for Sword Art Online with the amount of coverage I do of it, but I think there are a lot of works in the purview of the VR "genre" that are worthy of people's attention as a whole. I'm currently re-reading Ready Player One whenever I get a moment of free time and it really serves to provide a much more whimsical and "colorful" VR scenario than the Matrix, Code Lyoko, Accel World, or Log Horizon. People spend time recreating their favorite worlds from fiction like Azeroth, Middle Earth, Norrath, the Galaxies from Star Wars and Star Trek, and it really helps to make the version of VR it presents feel more like the kind of VR today's VR developers will end up building.

Admittedly, I think that vision isn't quite there just yet as far as representing what I think VR ought to be like, but it helps to keep me in line and aware of the alternative visions people have for Virtual Reality. There are still many works in VR's media history that I've yet to properly experience, including: The Lawnmower Man, Neuromancer (by extension Burning Chrome as they're both by William Gibson), Snow Crash (started reading it, but it kind of bored me), Johnny Mnemonic, Otherland, and many more. I want to get around to them all someday, but I think that for now, making sure VR becomes a reality to begin with may take precedence.

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