Sunday, November 9, 2014

VR Media Impressions (11-10-2014)

Shows Covered:

Log Horizon [Season 2]: Episode 6
Sword Art Online 2: Episode 18

This week, I found that both Log Horizon S2 and Sword Art Online 2 had more "preparatory" style episodes that mostly took time to deal with some character building and reaffirmation rather than really moving the plots forward considerably. That being said, I found both episodes enjoyable and thought that they both did a good job of capitalizing on the feelings they were trying to evoke. Log Horizon didn't have much in the way of action, but the character development was splendid and I think it's set up for next week really left me wondering what exactly was going to happen next. By comparison, Sword Art Online 2 had a form of 2 part structure with the first one being focused on character building while the 2nd half was spent hyping up the next episode. It's interesting because both episodes were of a similar nature, but accomplished their tasks very differently. Log Horizon used a cliff hanger and Sword Art Online spent time building hype. Afterall, when you claim that there's someone stronger than our already Gary Stu like protagonist, it's really saying something.

That's just about does it for this weeks impressions. If you've got another VR related show you'd like me to cover, mention it down below in the comments and I may consider doing so. Till next time everyone!

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