Tuesday, November 25, 2014

VR Controls Ponderings

I've noted this in a post before, but I find the question of what will be the standard method for inputs in video games a very important question and something that concerns me to no end. I've been working on the UI system with the fundamental idea that the system would operate based upon worldspace data since an optimal control design would allow the user to manipulate their avatar with a full range of freedom within the 3D space with full kinesthetic and proprioceptive liberty, making a system that can take advantage of data based more on the model's data than outer systemic items (like the screen space location of a mouse cursor) problematic for future expansion, but as of late, I've been concocting interesting strategies in general for the exploration of things like alternative control methods, asynchronous same goal online multiplayer, dynamic AI generation, and a wide variety of other such mechanisms, all of which have been making me ask the question of what exactly it is that I want out of VR controls.

I've tossed around the question in my head with a bit more care than I have in the past and have been looking into less demanding routes. "What would it be like to only have on arm; Do I really want as much control over my legs as I've been thinking; How much do I even really need my fingers for; If an EEG is as versatile as I think it can be, how do we broaden the market for it and tie it's benefits to VR more quickly. I think it says a lot about me as a designer that I'm still pondering such rudimentary questions, but I can't help but think that going even further down to the basics would do me some good. I've got a few ideas in mind involving levitation that could prove handy for testing the concepts out. Add in that I've been meaning to explore the core of spacial and temporal concepts from the start of this and I suppose it should be considered silly I haven't gone further down.

I'll be going into things deeper soon, though my time may be made more complicated due to some changes I want to make to my IRL living situation.

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