Sunday, November 2, 2014

Route of Actions

Being that I'm currently unable to use my main desktop due to the death of the central processing unit (CPU), I've taken the measure to buy a new CPU. It's a really rough setback since my primary goal was to save up for the Emotiv Insight and the equipment necessary for me to begin building some of the more custom parts of my virtual reality rig. It's a significant loss, but I think my efforts may still be able too bring something of value to the community.

I mentioned it earlier in my channel update for this week, but I have 2 things that I want to provide to the community: the menu and character creator systems I'm developing for Project Navalusu. These items were initially planned to be charged for in some capacity, but I'm finding myself more and more desperate to make sure VR and video games as mediums can succeed.

I don't really think I qualify as game developer just yet. I haven't put out a game, don't have any previous projects I've worked on to point at to be proof of my worth, and I'm just a teen fresh out of high school with no employment. By all means, I am a NEET. I think anyone would be more than justified to not expect much of anything out of me. That being said, I think I can say with confidence that VR is something I'm passionate about and that I'm more than willing to surrender a good chunk of my life towards nurturing it to maturity.

This blog and the channel will be both the hubs for what I create, as well as documentaries of my progress. I wish to share whatever knowledge I may gain in my pursuits with the rest of the world and those who wish to seek out a dream much like my own.

Project Navalusu can seem like a bit of a complex network of goals and objectives to me while I'm in the thick of it, but in the end, it's nothing more than just the path I've chosen to make my dream a reality. That dream quite simply, is to make the game of my dreams. I think that many people out there share a similar aspiration, but lack the knowledge, resources, or hope to do so. Games are tough business. It can be daunting to see the walls of text necessary in a lot of coding, the quantity of models and assets and attention necessary in art, and the degree of insight and thought that must go into making a worthwhile experience in design. I have and continue to experience this feeling, and think to the others who possibly share in my position.

It is with that in mind that I wish to do everything I can to move forward, and provide a foundation for others to use as a stepping stone in my wake. Virtual Reality is in my belief, the second to last step in the creation of the ultimate platform for creative expression, just behind cracking the nature of existence itself. It has a potential that some of us can't even begin to fathom. The moment it materializes, I want to believe that it will bring about an acceleration in our ability to express and challenge ourselves of the likes of which we can't even dream of. It will facilitate its own improvement. It will pave its own future. It will raise the bar to a level we never though possible.

If it is in service of that promise, I will gladly do everything in my power to help it succeed. Perhaps its a bit ridiculous, foolish, naive, but VR means that much to me. It is in the pursuit of VR that I realized how easily I'd tossed aside my childish dreams in the face of reality. I find myself indignant at myself for being so ready to toss my dreams aside and at this reality which encouraged that frame of thinking. Impossible only exists when we set limitations to begin with. Otherwise, there is no such thing.

I've probably gone on long enough here, but I the point I'm trying to make here is simply that I'm going to be aiming to give away as much as I can in the near term to help virtual reality get on its feet, even if this means giving away some of the things I'm putting hard work behind. Expect a lot more freebies than just the things mentioned in the video.

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