Sunday, November 2, 2014

Main Computer is Down

It's unfortunate, but I have to report that my main desktop PC has been incapacitated due to a mishap during the replacement of my CPU Cooler. Amazingly enough, the Cooler and CPU were so strongly bonded the CPU came loose of the socket before instead of the CPU cooler coming off of the CPU. I spent several hours attempting to defuse them, and eventually succeeded via the use of rubbing alcohol and dental floss, but it seems the damage has been done. I recall there was 1 pin specifically that was bent slightly down, but i managed to realign it and place the CPU back into the slot, but it doesn't seem to be working. Everything else seems fine. The graphics card's fans are spinning, the motherboard power led light up, usb power is still going out to the mouse, the case fans spin, and even the CPU fans seems to work. The only problems I can imagine are the CPU being damaged, the CPU socket being damaged, or both. I wish it were neither neither and my CPU just needed some time off and it'll work fine tomorrow, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

For the time being, I'll be operating off of my TabletPC (Surface Pro). It should be more than enough for me to do some drawing, website stuff, chatting and blogging. However, video editing may be a tough task to resolve. As a result, video production may will suffer some significant losses until I can have the issues taken care of. I hope this intermediary time will not be too much of a burden on you all. Thank you very much for your patience. Hopefully I can still deliver something of value, regardless of my newly found computational handicap. 

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